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Hello and welcome, you cutie creators!~

I'm back and have brought to you some stellar shorts that were featured on my TRIXXX VRChat Avatar!

Say hello to the one fringed shorts you need,

★Comes not only fitted and weighted to Panda, UTA, ZinFit Female, and Foundry base, but

also includes blendshapes for each bases body morphing shapekeys i.e. ZinFit's Thicc and Thin blendshapes.


40 different textures to choose from!!!!!!! WHAT?! ((why do i do this to myself...))

4 different patterns and 10 colors yeah that's 40... O_O

★PLUS!!! A few more blendshapes for some fun animation options i.e. Pocket Open

So GO HAVE FUN,  you cutie creators! GO GO!


  • Detailed Normal, Metallic, Roughness, AO, Opacity and even Matcap Maps for that premium look!

    Fitted and weighted to 4 bases: Pandaabear base, Zinfit Female base, The FOUNDRY Base, and UTA Base
    ((Includes blendshapes for body morphing that follow the bases blendhsapes))

    40 different textures!! 
    (( was a lot lol))

    4 Patterns: Plain, Hearts, Cheetah, and Stripes

    ★...and then 10 colors for each to choose from!!: Black, Grey, Standard Denim, Bronze, Khaki, Blue, Light Blue, Acid Washed, White, and lastly Red for Hue Shifting!

all downloads go to a personal library! ;)

More interested in personal/study license?

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