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  • CREATOR COMPANION with SDK of 3.4.0+ > POIYOMI 8.1+ > TRIXXX's Package



  • CLOTHING: Hoodie (Available here!), Fishnets for arms and legs, Shorts (Available here!), Skirt, Bellbottoms, Wedge Sandals, Thigh High Boots, Tied Shirt, Short Dress, Harness, Panties
  • ACCESSORIES: Leg Chain, Bellybutton Ring, Sunglasses, Glasses, Bracelettes (lol that VIX made and rigged to move around at different rates)
  • BODY TOGGLES: Fox Ears and Tail (by VIX!), Wings, Princess Ribs, 4 Face Swaps, 4 Body Sliders, 4 Hairs!
  • FUN STUFF: Springjoint, Dissolving Torso (togglable), Hula-Hoop, Dynamic Cigarette and Lighter System, Custom Physbones for extra squish and body jiggle, Randomizer Menu to change up you style on the fly, 12 DPS Areas! 


Highly Customizable!

  • Customization Sliders: Thiccness, and more.
  • Skintones: 100 different skintones, hand picked by VIX, with materials adjusted on dark tones to allow for visibility. No more becoming a shadow, and no more being grey!
  • 4 differant Hair Options: Short, Curly Ponytail, Natural and a...FRO!
  • 4 different Faces to choose from: Default, Thin, Round, Cheekbones
  • FULL Spectrum Hue Sliders: Includes full rainbow of colors plus neutrals like  brown, beige, and even mustard! Hue Sliders are on: Clothing, Metal, Eyes, Hair/Fur, Makeup/Nails, Accents, also with a dark and light toggle, to change the majority of TRIXXX's color from black to white!
  • Customizable Shirt: 5 different textures on decals, so you can even swap for your designs easily in Poiyomi shaders!


Intricate Lighter and Cigarette System

  • Variety of Cigarettes: Trixxx offers a selection of three different types of cigarettes, thanks to Garn Servo's cigarette, for you to choose from: holder, no holder, and ring holder. Each type offers a unique visual and interactive experience.
  • Realistic Burning: When you light a cigarette, it doesn't just stay static. It slowly burns down over time, mirroring the way real cigarettes do. This attention to detail adds a layer of authenticity to your virtual experience.

  • Lighter with RNG: Trixxx's system includes a specially designed lighter system, also created by VIX. The unique feature here is the RNG (Random Number Generator) aspect when striking the lighter. Just like in real life, there's a degree of uncertainty about whether the lighter will ignite, adding an element of surprise and realism to the process.

  • Audio Realism: As you light a cigarette, you'll even hear the subtle sound of tobacco sizzling before you exhale the smoke, making the experience incredibly lifelike. It's the little details that make a big difference.

  • Universal Features: parameters of other lighters and cigarettes were also included to allow for you lighter to light other cigarettes and others lighters to light yours!


VIX Exclusive HULA-HOOP!*

  • LOL it's brutal???: You have freaking spikes on a huila hoop prepaered to clear the dance floor for your groovy moves!
  • FBT REQUIRED*: With a sway of you hips you can start up the momentum to get the hoop to spin around you! *Playspace Mover must be reset to use.
    Will be repaired in next update! DW! ^^;;

****Make sure to register to The VIX website for access to a personal library to keep your purchases in one place and up-to-date!****


    • Head and Body - (hevaily edited and rigged by VIX) Zinpia -

    • Harness - EVAtec -

    • Bellybutton Ring - kri -

    • NoseRing - Skittie -

    • Wings - Freya Drake -

    • Nails - Zenifyy -

    • Cigarette (logic edited and expanded upon by VIX) Garn Servo -

    • Eye Texture - Virtual Vision -

    • Leg Chain - Weeeby -

    • Lighter - (Textures, logic, animations, and particles by VIX) - Mesh and Opening Animation by Robert Drysdale -

    • Ponytail - LethalDino -

    • Short Hair - Wilbur -

    • Boots - Exodys -

    • Princess Ribs - (springjoint system by VIX) - babybanshee -

    • Panties and Dress - (heavily edited and textures by VIX) Moobean -

    • Bellbottoms - (rigged and blendshape by VIX) Beautsie -

    • Shirt - (retopo-ed by VIX) Swisa -

    • Bubblegum - (system and materials edited by VIX) cakie.exe -

    • Sandals - by VIX - (kitbashed parts are from kri -

    All other things that are not credited are made by scratch by VIX! Some even available on the shop! If I've missed any credits, please DM me on Discord @_vix_vr_

    Photos and filming by: Noorine
    Actors in Promo: Raven~, =♦shini♦=, VIX
    Edits by VIX

all downloads go to a personal library! ;)

More interested in personal/study license?

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