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Terms of Service

OK. This is the section where I have to yell at you...I'm sorry, I know you did nothing wrong....yet! >:3 

When crediting, Please Credit: or Discord: _vix_vr_


By purchasing/downloading this product, you will have agreed to my Terms of Service:   

  1. ✅ Use on free/nitro with COMMERCIAL LICENSE

  2. ❌NO Redistribution except on Complete Models for sale with purchase of COMMERCIAL LICENSE
    (even if it's free, please forward the person you want to share with to my page for the download, thank you.)

  3. ❌NO Refunds

  4. ✅ May be used for Streaming/V-tubing with COMMERCIAL LISCENSE and credit in description/panels.



By purchasing this avatar, you will have agreed to my Terms of Service:


  2. ❌ YOU MAY NOT RE-SELL the Avatar. Even if edited.

  3. ❌ No price-splitting

  4. ❌ Leaking packages / Sharing with others.

  5. ❌ Do NOT make Public.

  6. ❌ No refunds. That's Final. Sorry. The System don't work that way.

  7. ✅ May be used for Streaming/V-tubing with credit in description/panels.

  8. ✅ May be edited for PERSONAL USE, NOT RESALE.

  9. ✅ Editing for COMMERCIAL USE (such as streaming, youtube, etc) is still allowed, with CREDIT IN DESCRIPTION TO ORIGINAL AVATAR.


Your licenses can and will be revoked if I suspect malicious intent or a valid discord name & tag/VRChat name aren't provided. It will then fall under the same guise of being a stolen product.

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