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Just imagine the animations and audiolink you can do with all the blendshapes and the emissive masks! You could even stab someone in the head with foot to head contact receiver if the try looking up your skirt! 

Cyborg BlendShape Boots

SKU: CyborgBlendshapeBoots
  • ★ These booties are packed with 24 BLENDSHAPES for CUSTOMIZATION and ANIMATION!
    ...omg have fun guys! You can change up your heels! And there's even a blendshape to pull down the socks!!!!!!!
    ★ Comes with 2 completely different skins complete with BaseColor, Emissive, Opacity, Normal, Roughness, Metallic, and AO Maps for that extra 3D ≽POP≼!

all downloads go to a personal library! ;)

More interested in personal/study license?

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