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Happy Valentine's day ya'll!

I hope you can have fun reeling in a Valentine with this fun curly Heart Whip!
There's lots of cool and cute colors in this one. Even some for the tacky and fabulous!

This is a UNITY PLUG AND PLAY Package, meaning you can just drag and drop everything into your avatar's file and then just parent it to the wrist bone. Easy and fun! LEZZZGOOOO


INSTALLATION: Make sure Poiyomi 8.1+ shaders are in the project before importing the Unity Package



  • Detailed Normal, Metallic, Roughness, AO, Opacity and even Matcap Masks for that premium look!

    UNITY PLUG AND PLAY - Easy setup. Just drag in the unity package, drag on your favorite material, and then drag onto the wrist bone of either hand :)

    14 different textures!! 

    4 Patterns: Plain, Stripes, Rainbow, Velvet, and Cheetah Spots

    ★...and then colors for each to choose from!!

all downloads go to a personal library! ;)

More interested in personal/study license?

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