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Hello! Welcome!
I've made an interesting latex cropped hoodie for y'all.

★ And if Latex aint your thang, Just reduce the smoothness in your Shaders. :)
Then it's just a cool ass hoodie, dude.


Have fun, you Cutie Creators!



SKU: LatexCropHoodie
  • Detailed Normal, Metallic, and Roughness maps for that premium look!

    ★ Fitted and weighted to 3 bases: Pandaabear, Zinfit Female and Zinfit Male.
    ((Includes blendshapes for breasts on ZinFit Female))

    ★ 15 different textures!! All colors are red for easy hue-shifting to ANY COLOR!

    ★ Emissive Mask also included for stripes :)

all downloads go to a personal library! ;)

More interested in personal/study license?

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